Join us next year!

The Second Annual Small Craft Advisory, what we call a fine arts exhibition, was, as advertised, small but eminently navigable in the rough seas of white tent craft shows in the area. The Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center proved to be a snug harbor this year when the rains unexpectedly arrived and visitors found a dry nook to wander through the various artworks.

Our goal isn’t to expand, it’s to improve. And this year’s event included some very seasoned craftspeople whose work is obviously fine art. We aren’t much interested in the debate over what is craft and what is art, we’re creating one of a kind work that runs the gamut from elegant marquetry in tables to wildly interesting cigar box luthiery. Next year we’ll add a few fresh faces and some new media … plus, the Third Annual Small Craft Advisory will feature a Friday night gala opening with hors d’oeuvres and wine. Hope you join us for next year’s Third Annual Small Craft Advisory in August 2020.